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Your Story is Your Treasure: A Maison 21 and Woven Accents Collaboration

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Your Story is Your Treasure: A Maison 21 and Woven Accents Collaboration

Our Changing the Conversation Series* continues this May in conjunction with LCDQ’s Legends of La Cienega. The theme for this year’s Legends is NOVEL INTERIORS, story telling by design, and so with the help of Christian May, we are transforming our front gallery space into a story telling canvas inspired by Scheherazade and 1,001 Arabian Nights.

Pictured: Mahal Antique Persian Rug, with “Your Story is Your Treasure” written in Arabic.


Stories breathe life into those they touch. Both the reader and writer become connected and sometimes, if they are lucky, they are changed in some way by a story told well. In 1,001 Arabian Nights, Scheherazade’s stories do just that. They keep her executioner at bay and breathe life back into a man who has become dejected, bitter, and angry. This is what great storytellers do. They restore order through the imagination and instill hope again and again and again. 

All of the elements present in our window installation personify the stories told in 1,001 Arabian Nights. Hung from the ceiling, antique distressed carpets appear to fly around the showroom, and the walls are painted the hue of the desert night sky. Mariam Hakhnazaryan, the newest member of the Woven Accents team, intertwines her own story with that of Scheherazade in a mixed-media installation on the main wall, and sand-colored hide rugs, designed by Christian May, pepper the floor. The end result leaves the viewer feeling as if he or she has been transported to another place and time where stories become treasures when they are spoken and shared.

Taking inspiration from Scheherazade and the great storytellers of the world, we reach out to the design community to share your stories with us. By asking the questions, ”How did you find your ONE LOVE**? How do you inject your story into the work you do? What inspires your creations?, we hope to inspire others to look inside, find their true story, and share it with all who will listen.

Submit your story, in 250 words or less, to Ginna Christensen at and you will be entered to win a hand-painted pillow from our ONE LOVE collection. 

A select number of stories will be shared on our blog and through our social media outlets.  So go on, tell us your story, we dare you.

* A series of collaborative window installations designed to change the conversation between art and design.

**The thing inside you that you were born to do. 

Below is a selection of antique rugs available at Woven Accents, some of which will be featured in our installation. 

Pictured: Mahal Antique Persian Rug, 9'3" x 11'4".

Pictured: Sultanabad Antique Rug, 9'10" x 14'3".

Pictured: Sultanabad Antique Rug9'9" x 15'2".

Pictured: Mallayer Persian Rug, 15'2" x 18'7".

Pictured: Sultanabad Antique Rug, 14'0" x 20'3".

Pictured: Mahal Antique Persian Rug, 13'2" x 18'5".

Pictured: Mahal Antique Persian Rug, 10'0" x 16'2".


Join Us as London-Based Textile Designer Tania Johnson Pays a Visit to Woven Accents

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Join Us as London-Based Textile Designer Tania Johnson Pays a Visit to Woven Accents

Tania Johnson of Tania Johnson Design, who specializes in custom, contemporary hand-knotted rugs, is crossing the pond and the country, for that matter. As the sole representative of Johnson’s collection in Los Angeles, we invite you to the showroom Wednesday, March 26 through Friday, March 28, from 10 AM to 5 PM daily, to meet the textile designer and learn more about her stunning designs. Every rug is inspired by fleeting moments in time that capture the impermanence of nature, be it the way light casts shadows, the way trees appear flowing in the wind, or even the reflections that momentarily appear on the water’s surface. Johnson then uses both her photography skills and knowledge of weaving to reconstruct nature in a new and textural way.

Every Tania Johnson Design rug is certified by GoodWeave, ensuring that no child labor is used in the production of her rugs and improving working conditions for adults.

To schedule an appointment with Tania Johnson while she is in town, please call us at 310.652.6520 or email us at

Below are a few examples of her nature-inspired designs, available through Woven Accents...







Tree Mist









ONE LOVE Comes to Life: Nothing great comes from playing it safe

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ONE LOVE Comes to Life: Nothing great comes from playing it safe
On Thursday, February 13 (appropriately taking place the evening before Valentine’s Day), a mix of more than 400 artists, collectors, interior designers, and architects gathered in the showroom for our lively and no doubt artful ONE LOVE event, which celebrated the introduction of our new collection of limited-edition rugs created in collaboration with some of today’s most renowned urban and contemporary artists.

Above: The front gallery space of the showroom, featuring our ONE LOVE installation, as seen from Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.


The event also marked the opening of our second installation in our Changing the Conversation series, which seeks to blur the lines between art and design, shed light upon innovative ways to bring fantasy and creativity into everyday life, and ultimately change the way people think about, buy, and design around a rug.

Above: Curated by designer Jessica Marx of
J. Marx Atelier, large whimsical sculptures from Toy Art Gallery and gold benches from Organic Modernism are prominently displayed alongside one-of-a-kind hand-painted rugs in the front gallery of the showroom.


Known for our ability to source unique vintage and antique rugs, we move forward in 2014 committed to developing products and creating environments that are steeped in tradition yet fueled by the imagination. ONE LOVE is just that. Over the course of last week, our showroom was transformed into an inventive and experiential environment that features designs and products all made with passion, creativity, and love. From the captivating poem written and painted by artist Gregory Siff on our building’s exterior (piquing the curiosity of those who pass by) to the thoughtful yet whimsical curation of the interior space by Jessica Marx of  J. Marx Atelier to the remarkable one-of-a-kind hand-painted rugs by Siff as well as artists This Means Mar, Kenny Scharf, Tanya Nolan, Defer, and DJ Neff prominently displayed as works of art around the showroom, the ONE LOVE installation is a visual manifestation of what we as a company believe in: authentic innovation, creative collaboration, and the making of ART - whatever the canvas may be.

Above: Vignette styled by Marx using Woven Accents rugs and furniture from Howe London and Organic Modernism, accented with Blamo and A + R accessories.


The evening was a tremendous success. Sure the delicious signature cocktails, mini fish tacos, photo booth, and Notorious BIG blaring throughout the space added to the good time but ultimately it was the supportive and passionate energy of the crowd that really made the event. Guests seemed to arrive curious and leave feeling inspired. If this was in fact the case, mission accomplished.

Above (from left): Artists 2wenty and This Means Mar; Woven Accents Creative Director Ginna Christensen; artists Kenny Scharf, Louis XXX, and Gregory Siff; and designer Jessica Marx.

Above: The photo booth, featuring DJ Neff’s one-of-a-kind hand-painted rug as the backdrop, was a big draw throughout the evening. Props included boxing gloves, funky sunglasses, a skateboard, unicorn masks, and much more.

Below are the six one-of-a-kind rugs from Woven Accents, which were hand painted in honor of our ONE LOVE collaborative artist collection. For all you art collectors out there, they are for sale!

Kenny Scharf

Monsterug, 2014

Spray Paint on Antique Turkish Oushak Rug

12’10” x 16’


Gregory Siff

Things I Love, 2014

Ink on Vintage Kilim

10’5” x 13’1”


This Means Mar

My Kind of Love, 2014

Acrylic and Spray Paint on Vintage Kilim

7’ x 9’8”


Tanya Nolan

You Thrill Me, 2014

Fabric Paint on Vintage Kilim

7’6” x 10’



One Love, 2014

Ink and Acrylic on Vintage Kilim

9’3” x 16’3”



DJ Neff


Spray Paint on New Kilim

9’ x 12’



ONE LOVE - Continuing the Conversation Between Art & Design

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ONE LOVE - Continuing the Conversation Between Art & Design

A Woven Accents Collaboration

West Hollywood, CA February 2014

One love is that thing inside you that you were born to do.  It’s the thing that once it’s uncovered, nothing can keep you from bringing it into the world.  But it can tear you apart in the same instant that it fills you up.  It makes you make things - things that come from the heart.

Our second window installation embodies this very definition, as we continue the conversation between art and design. From the poem written and painted by Gregory Siff on the exterior of the showroom to the hand-painted one-of-a-kind vintage rugs that hang inside, ONE LOVE marks our commitment to creative collaboration, community, and the making of art, whatever the canvas may be. 

With design curation by J. Marx Atelier, the front gallery space will be transformed into a haute runway show exhibition, featuring walls adorned with vintage-rugs-turned-one-of-a-kind works of art by artists Kenny Scharf, Gregory Siff, Defer, This Means Mar, and Tanya Nolan. The open space will be sprinkled with sculptures from Toy Art Gallery and benches on loan from Organic Modernism, giving the viewer time and space to take in the work.

The theme of urban art is carried through into the main showroom, which is merchandised alongside traditional antiques from Howe London.  Art toys, provided by Blamo, are placed atop stacks of books and end tables, vintage sofas and chairs are adorned with hand-painted pillows and upholstery, and champagne stands are filled with flowers by Can Love.  The end result is a magical blend of tradition mixed with the power of imagination.  The end result is ONE LOVE.  Beginning Feb 4, come see for yourself what true creative collaboration looks like, what ONE LOVE looks like to us.

Thank you to our sponsors

J. Marx Atelier, Blamo, Toy Art Gallery, A+R, Organic Modernism, Can Love, and 27 Ground


Invitation: Live Mural Painting February 4th, 12-4pm

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Invitation: Live Mural Painting February 4th, 12-4pm
If you're in the LA area, join us this Tuesday for Tacos and Tecates as we celebrate ART, Love and the power of the imagination with a live mural painting by Gregory Siff.

Holding Space For a New Conversation "Installing Breaking Through"

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Holding Space For a New Conversation

Breaking Through launches our new series of collaborative window installations designed to change the conversation between art and design. With the help of Heather Ashton of Heather Ashton Designs and her team of artists (Jonas Bergkvist & Laura Hubacz) we begin to demonstrate what matters to us as a brand. 

We recognize that the path to creative innovation is not always smooth, well lit, or easily traveled, but it is from the struggles and stumbles that we take along the way that birth the most creative innovations.  We believe that by encouraging others to fulfill their creative potential, we make the world be a better place - one person, one product, one project at a time. 

Breaking Through brings this idea to life the inner struggle of the artist, the innovator, the visionary CEO.  For it is when we break through our fears, our doubts, our worries that we allow our imagination to wonder, grow, and create something that is worth sharing with the world.

At Woven Accents community is so important, and it is our goal to give support to the risk takers we admire. We know that in the end what we will receive is so much greater than what we give. We know we will continue to receive gifts like BREAKING THROUGH.


Breaking Through: A Heather Ashton Design and Woven Accents Collaboration

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Breaking Through: A Heather Ashton Design and Woven Accents Collaboration

Breaking Through

A Heather Ashton Design and Woven Accents Collaboration

It’s not an easy task, like folding socks or scooping out a bowl of ice cream.  Breaking through, changing the conversation, continuing on a course through the ups and downs, the countless struggles to arrive at something innovative, artful, new - it takes courage. It takes dedication of the heart.

*Inspired by above image from Jeremy Geddes

This month Woven Accents embarks on a courageous journey, to change the interaction and conversation between art and design.  Using our window as our megaphone, our canvas, our eyes and our ears - we engage the community in conversation - What does the word art mean to you?  What constitutes innovative design? Who determines what is beautiful? How important is functionally in inspirational design?  With the help of Heather Ashton Design, we begin to ask these questions. 

Marking the beginning of a new path, a more artful approach to working with rugs and design, we invite both the art and design communities - from contemporary artists to those who work in the street - from emerging names to the ones we all recognize - to tell us about your vision for the future of design as we simultaneously present our own narrative on the matter. This month our window installation launches it all as we Break Through the status quo, the fears that come along with taking bold risks - to arrive in February at ONE LOVE 


Untitled by Disc Interiors, The Art Reserve & Woven Accents

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Untitled by Disc Interiors, The Art Reserve & Woven Accents

Untitled by Disc Interiors, The Art Reserve & Woven Accents


Since 2005 we at Woven Accents have been taking steps towards becoming a leader in the industry. From the showroom space we created on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles to the new rugs designs we are developing, it is clear that we are committed to challenging ourselves creatively.


Our latest challenge was to come up with a concept for our front gallery space that would elevate the experience of the patron attending the panel discussion we hosted during DIEM.

The subject of the talk:  LA’s New Era of White-Box Warehouse Galleries.  Moderated by Art Critic and Curator Shana Nys Dambrot, the panel of outliers in the field which included, Gallery Owner Perry Rubenstein, Curator and Art Critic Matt Gleason, and Artist Jay Mark Johnson, discussed the effects these large scale galleries are having on the art enthusiast and the artists that are challenged to create enough quality work to fill these caverness spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the topic of the talk, we decided to take an artful approach to the curation of the space. To help push our vision into motion we called upon our friends David John Dick and Krista Schrock of Disc Interiors. 

Known for their sophisticated eye and relaxed style, they also have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the LA art scene. 


Inspired by artist Tara Donovan, Disc Interiors created a concept based on the large-scale sculptures she forges from everyday materials such as plastic cups, paper plates, and toothpicks.  Her site-specific installations have an organic and familiar quality that seem to mimic nature and the way things actually grow.  Our goal was to create the same experience using antique rugs and vintage rugs, our everyday material, to surprise and push the viewer out of his comfort zone.

The surprise for us however, was in the building of the structure.  Exhausting, exciting and sometimes nerve wracking, the experience brought us together as a team, a family committed to making this thing "that not all involved understood“ look beautiful.

The end result was so much more than we originally imagined.  The installation embodies who we are as a brand and who we continue to strive to be: innovative, creative, a team that works together as if we are one.


A very special thank you goes out to Disc Interiors and The Art Reserve.  None of this would have been possible without their astounding commitment to creating all things extraordinary.



Persian Rug Revolution

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Persian Rug Revolution
Antique Persian rugs are a speciality at Woven Accents. We got our start in Persian rugs when my father, Abraham began selling antique and decorative rugs in Tehran and sharing his growing knowledge of craftsmanship and history with his customers. He eventually moved to Los Angeles bringing with him his expanding collection of antique rugs from which Woven Accents was born. Today, our collection of Persian rugs alone includes over 1,200 unique and prized pieces.

Persian rugs have a long and diverse history with periods of revolutionary flourishing.  Rugs in Persia are ingrained in the very culture of the region. Persian rugs date back to ancient times with one of the oldest determined to have been woven in 500 B.C.  It is actually the oldest known surviving carpet in the world.  While our Antique Persian rug collection at Woven Accents isn’t quite that old, some of our Persian rugs are over a century old. 

In the historical chronology of Persian rugs, they were developed and crafted by familial and sometimes nomadic weavers and the rugs quickly gained notoriety.  In the early centuries, they were often found in the palaces of royalty and in the most well known mosques.  Master weavers created large and intricate designs for the most renown members of society in the Middle East but handcrafted rugs were not out of reach for the masses.  Prayer rugs were often owned and used daily by the general public.  Persia became such a thriving and successful area for rugs both large and small that specific centers of production began developing. The earliest of these centers was the Persian Azarbaijan region.  It was here that dying textiles for vibrant colors and rug production took on a more profound role. 

The striking beauty and impressive longevity of the components that create a Persian rug are often as awe inspiring as the actual designs.  Cotton, silk, and wool were all used for Persian carpets and the designs incorporated were dependent on the background and location of the individual weaver. Some common themes in antique rugs from Persia include floral patterns, tribal shapes, and spiraling designs. Not only is the oldest known rug a Persian antique rug but this past summer the most expensive rug in the world was auctioned and it was also an antique Persian rug. Sotheby’s sold the 17th century Persian rug for $33.7 million to an anonymous bidder.  The rug was extremely intricate with a well-balanced floral and geometric design throughout.

The history of antique Persian rugs holds a powerful place in the design world.  Through centuries of artistic experimentation, dedication to craft, and a connection to the culture from which these rugs were born, Persian rugs continue to grow in popularity and remain prized pieces in the worlds of design and art.  Our collection at Woven Accents attempts to highlight the variety in styles and forms of these antique rugs but also the shifts in shape, materials, and patterns throughout the ages.  We are proud of the curated collection of antique Persian rugs at our Los Angeles store and love sharing the stories behind our rugs.  Feel free to stop by for a personal viewing of our collection or contact us for more information on some of our favorite pieces from our antique Persian rug collection.


Antique Carpets & Vintage Rugs from Woven Accents on Pinterest

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Antique Carpets & Vintage Rugs from Woven Accents on Pinterest
Some days you just need a little visual inspiration to get going on a project.  That’s why we first started a Pinterest board for Woven Accents.  It turns out that visual motivation is much more than a tool to get out of a design dry spell, it’s a great incubator for daily creativity.  Besides the slightly addictive act of discovering and coveting beautiful and stylish images from infinite sources, our Pinterest boards have become a place for growth and a home for our vibrant collections.  We are able to share some of our most popular and unique vintage rugs from both our antique and modern rug lines as well as create inspiration boards of some of our favorite items within the genres of interior design, objects of beauty, color palettes, and architecture.  We picked a few of our most visionary items from our collection on Pinterest to share with our readers.  
1. Libraries, libraries, libraries!  Curling up with a good book doesn’t have to be relegated to a cozy couch, it can encompass an entire room.  Libraries can also break the old stereotype of being dusty, dark caves.  Our Library Pinterest board explores the array of library designs from minimalist and modern to eccentric and breathtaking.  This image originally pinned from the design blog My Paradissi highlights the beauty of books as decor.
2.  On our Colors board, you will find a treasure trove of palettes including beautifully soft spoken shades and wildly energetic color combinations.  This customized Prada shoe is a great example of the celebration of color that we are always on the lookout for.
3. Our Moroccan Vintage Rug is one of our most popular items on Pinterest.  This vintage rug reflects the tribal designs often found in these unique weavings. This antique Moroccan rug is a great example of the skills that were honed and shared among weavers in this region.  Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright were all fans of these beautiful designs.  
4. This amazing Turkish Jajim Rugs has hints of antique chevron silhouettes in its warm and golden tones.  From our larger collection of Antique/Vintage Kilims, these types of rugs were often produced by nomadic artists who crafted these weavings with the primary goal of function and ease for a life without long-term roots.  
5. This clean, classic design with a remarkably streamlined look comes from the Howe London Collection exclusively carried by Woven Accents.  A modern interpretation of the 18th century Wing chair, this highly crafted piece includes hand stitched horse-hair and down filled upholstery covered with Herringbone Warm Canvas.  Our store is proud to be the exclusive showroom in the U.S. to carry the Howe London line.  Check out our Howe London board on Pinterest with over 45 images from this unique and striking collection.
Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to keep up with the latest inspirations at Woven Accents!

A Turkish Rug Revolution

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A Turkish Rug Revolution

Turkish rugs are prized in the world of antique textiles.   They are woven with designs and techniques that have influenced rugs for centuries. Antique Turkish rug  grace the floors and even hang on the walls of design connoisseurs and those drawn to the beauty of masterful weavings.  At Woven Accents, we have a hand-picked collection of over 600 antique Turkish rugs and they are some of our favorite rugs to showcase and share with clients. The history behind these rugs is as fascinating as the mesmerizing patterns and intricate weaving skills.

One of the most popular type of Antique Turkish rugs is theOushak rug. 

Its beginnings are traced to the start of the of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century.  Oushak rugs, sometimes called Ushak rugs, originated in the Anatolia region of Turkey in the city of Uşak. 

Kilims, a pileless antique rug, were also born in the Anatolia region near Uşak, making Turkey a powerhouse of production with an extended reach into the early textile market. 

It’s important to note the connection to nomadic culture when looking back on the history of Antique Turkish rugs.  These rugs were initially created by nomads as functional floor coverings or bedding. They were crafted to be lightweight while having the longevity to endure long distances and exposure to various climates.  Nomadic tribes often traveled great distances either on foot or on animals using the materials of the local environment to spin thread and develop different types of natural dyes.  The ease of movement afforded by the use of rugs as primary components of their living quarters allowed the nomads to carry, set-up, and eventually pack-up with an efficient simplicity.  The practices involved in creating rugs that would last for hundreds of years with impeccable artistry were passed down from elders to students.  Each new generation would bring their own subtle, creative nuances to the process while the foundational concepts remained consistent. 

Eventually Turkish rugs felt the impact of the European markets.  After approximately 300 years of expansive growth, the trade of Turkish rugs shifted towards more Western European weavers.  Turkish rugs, particularly Oushak and Kilims, experienced a major decrease in commercial value and, in turn, production during this time. Two centuries later a resurgence in Turkish rugs began and production flourished again as Western markets fell in love with the wonderful complexities of Turkish rugs.

Whether you’re interested in some of the oldest Oushak rugs from our large collection or you’re looking for a more vintage Kilim for your home, browse through our portfolio of Antique Turkish Rugs to discover more about the production of these masterworks and enjoy the inspiration gleaned from these breathtaking antique rugs. 


Summer Inspiration Board

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Summer Inspiration Board

Summer is here!  Warm days, cool nights, and a sense of potential abound over the next two months.  Nothing gets our inspiration going like that spontaneous feeling when creativity melds with design and the carefree days of summer always ignite that spark within us.  The wonderful designs of summer have inspired us to put together a summer wish list of some of our favorite rugs and design pieces cultivated by these sun sparkling days.

1.)  We are excited to introduce our New Modern Moroccan Rugs Recreations Collection at Woven Accents.  One of the newest arrivals to our collection, this piece delivers the perfect summer vibes to any room with its shades of lagoon blue and subtle rhythmic patterns.  Custom sizes and colors are available for the entire collection of Modern Moroccan Rugs.

2.) Dedon has created the ultimate summer hideaway.  Nestrest is a cross between a hammock and lounger with a layer of comfy cushions on the inside.  Crawl in with a favorite book and a tall glass of lemonade for an afternoon of summer bliss.  The special weaving makes it possible to see out but not in, making it a great spot for a nap in the shade.

3.)  This Antique Oushak Rug has Turkish roots with its medallion centerpiece and intricately designed borders.  The warm shades of orange, yellow, and red convey the same peaceful feelings that accompany the endless days of summertime.  Picture this beautiful antique rug in the center of your living room with the windows open and an evening breeze cooling down the day as you relax into a perfect summer night.

4.) These recycled glass jugs from West Elm were once Spanish wine bottles.  Transformed into crisp tints of turquoise, clear, and emerald.  They add a sense of lightness with their clean lines and wide necks that make for unique summer tablescapes including fresh bouquets or a collage of sea glass and beach sand.

5.)  This new Oushak rug is part of our Antique Recreation collection.  It’s warm gold and light brown palette reminds us of sandy beaches and summer sunsets while it’s luxurious texture encourages us to go barefoot.  These new rugs have been created to resemble the wonderfully aged and enhanced textiles of antique rugs while maintaining the convenience of modernity.  At Woven Accents, we have Antique Recreations ranging across genres from Persian to European designs and patterns.

6.) The Lemolo Daypack in seafoam is a loyal summer companion.  Filling it with the essentials for a weekend trip to the coast or a spontaneous road trip into the mountains, you can be assured your style will stay in step with the durability and versatility needed for carefree travel. This daypack is constructed with waterproofing agents and canvas straps so that it can keep up with all your adventures.


The Best and Most Popular Home Interior Design Websites

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At Woven Accents, we interact with a numerous of interior designers from whom we get lots of ideas and inspiration. Just for fun, we took that inspiration and put together a list of 40 sites that we thought were important for interior design. Out of those 40, we picked 9 that we thought they made the biggest impact on us and our customers.  Our hand picked list includes traditional architecture ideas, modern home accessories, home office organizational tips and many more. We invite you to share your opinions and vote for your favorite one. Here are our top picks of the web's best interior design sites:
A great source of visual inspiration, Houzz is a design website that boasts over 1.5 million images.  Houzz is easy to navigate and caters to a wide range of design infused topics from traditional architecture to DIY home remodeling projects.  When you find an image or idea you love, just save it in your online Houzz ideabook.  This site also offers mobile apps to make it even easier to connect with professional designers and transform your space with the perfect design.  
If you love to read about the latest in interior design, you’ll want to check out InteriorHolic.  This article-rich website offers easy to digest articles on a topics from eco-friendly home tips to the latest technology-inspired interior design developments. Most posts also offer suggestions for related reading to discover even more tips, trends, and images.

The Decoist is an interior design and architecture blog.  With a stream of fresh posts (sometimes multiple daily posts), there is always a reason to check back and see what’s new on this design site.  The articles cover a vast amount of design related territory from dream homes to home office organizational tips.  There are multiple images with each post and they make it super easy to pin the ones you love onto your Pinterest boards. 

With an emphasis on visual content, Home Designing is an easy to browse design resource with many images accompanying each post.  The website’s layout consists of a two-column front page with an image and summary on each article.  This design style makes it simple to quickly check out the many different design topics covered and find those images that capture your attention.  Recent posts include kitchen designs, children’s rooms, and Taiwanese interior design.
From headboards to lighting accessories to home gyms, Furniture Fashion compiles an exciting mix of articles, images, and inspiration.  With a primary focus on furniture, this online magazine, also brings together larger concepts in the design community including architecture and modern home accessories.  There is a robust amount of design information on this site and the addition of an image gallery makes it easy to find topics you’re passionate about.  
The web magazine DigsDigs focuses on interior design while including a few related topics rarely seen on design websites.  Industrial design, appliances, home design genres are three categories that separate this site from the competition.  With the home design categories, viewers can directly find the type of design they’re interested in exploring such as prefab housing, minimalism, or sustainability.  DigsDigs is a unique site that delivers the design details of many niche-specific topics.
A very popular design blog, Freshome began over six years ago and is still going strong.  The blog is streamlined with a main menu to navigate to various topics including design for apartments, architecture, ideas, and even hotels & resorts.  Freshome has a ton of new content often with multiple daily posts and active fans who participate with comments.  The site also offers free updates via email to keep a steady stream of new design content in your inbox. is an online magazine with over 60,000 images and 10,000 articles on interior design, architecture, and decor.  One of the most notable features on the website is their “Best Of” category which covers trends, design ideas, and inspirational images to get the ideas flowing for many new design projects. also takes a look at areas of the home often overlooked such as their post on “42 Laundry Room Design Ideas To Inspire You”.

The clean, minimalist feel of The Kitchen Designer website makes it an organized stop on the search for all things kitchen.  A mother-daughter team writes this blog and focuses solely on kitchen design drawing from their experienced background in developing kitchen styles and client-based designs.  The posts have a more personable feel and include images and slideshows of trends, products, and design destinations.  The blog also includes an accessible and in-depth list of other interior design resources.

Woven Accents Rugs Now Available in New York!

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Woven Accents Rugs Now Available in New York!

Woven Accents is excited to announce our partnership with Grange Furniture in New York City.  Grange, the French furniture manufacturer established over a century ago, was the perfect fit for our East Coast collaboration. Our staff has worked closely with the wonderful team at Grange to share the knowledge and passion we have for our handpicked collection of antique rugs, vintage rugs and modern rugs.  Now design professionals and home decorators will be able to easily access our antique and contemporary rugs from the Grange showroom.

Pale blue Oushak from our Vintage Oushak Rug Collection

The aesthetics and craftsmanship of the products from Grange are a perfect match for our collection of personally selected rugs.  With a focus on quality and artistry, the Grange’s line of furniture is world renown with a focus on timeless, handcrafted techniques.  Woven Accent shares in these values.  Our collection of antique and contemporary rugs represent both quality in materials and the most highly skilled weaving practices. We believe our partnership is a creative touchstone that will add to the inspirational style in the New York design world. 

New Khotan rug from our Stonewashed Collection

A limited selection of our rugs is available on view at the Grange showroom in NYC.  The team at Grange can also introduce clients to our full collection through our extensive online catalog.  The Grange staff can explain the details and history of our rugs to connect clients with the perfect match.  Our antique, vintage, and modern rugs can then be easily shipped and delivered anywhere in the New York area. 

Chalky white kilim from Vintage Modern Kilim Collection

Woven Accents is honored to be actively making our collection more accessible and expansive in reach. In Los Angeles, we have contributed to our local community by supplying vintage rugs and modern rugs for movie sets, photo shoots, and the residents of Los Angeles.  Making our rugs easily available to the creative and design communities on the East Coast has always been a goal of ours and we jumped at the opportunity to work with Grange.  Now our vintage modern kilims, antique rugs, and modern designer rugs are among the many beautiful selections from our rug collection available through the Grange showroom in New York City. 

Contact us today to learn more about the latest additions to our collection. 



Antique Rug Sells for Record Setting $33.7 million - Most Expensive Rug in the World

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Antique Rug Sells for Record Setting $33.7 million - Most Expensive Rug in the World

The Washington Post is reporting that Sotheby’s has sold a 17th century Persian rug for a record breaking $33.7 million.  The antique rug sold on Wednesday, June 5th 2013 to an anonymous bidder who smashed the previous high bid of $9.6 million for a Persian rug in 2010 from Christie’s in London. Yesterday’s rug was being sold by the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C through Sotheby’s.

Sotheby’s sale of the Clark Sickle-Leaf carpet claims the title of the highest auction price for a carpet in the world.  The prized Persian rug was from the William A. Clark Collection, bequeathed to the gallery in 1926. William Clark was a politician and entrepreneur who had amassed a large collection of European and American art as well as rugs from the 16th and 17th centuries. 

Yesterday’s auction at Sotheby’s highlights the increasing global interest in antique rugs, especially antique Persian rugs. Sotheby’s website states that the auction was comprised of 25 carpets, all of which sold at a price above the highest estimated figure.  From beautiful design elements to world renown art collections, antique rugs are quickly gaining popularity across genres and markets.


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