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All About the Dyes in Antique Rugs

06-29-2010By: Mark Mend Stern
All About the Dyes in Antique Rugs
Antique Rugs Besides the age and style one can truly learn to appreciate the colors present. consumers often forget that artificial dyes have only been around since the 20th Century. When antique rugs started being created and designed, the colors available were those one could make oneself with vegetation or bugs.
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How Warp and Weft Can Help One Identify Value in an Antique Rug

06-21-2010By: Nicole
Look carefully at warp and weft to identify an antique rug.
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What Is That Color?

06-15-2010By: Nicole
Different dyes used in modern and antique rugs.
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Antique rug, investment or decoration?

06-07-2010By: Rebekah
Are antique rugs more of an investment or a home accessory? Can it be both?
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