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President Obama Puts His Own Stamp on the Oval Office

09-27-2010  |  By: Nicole |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Like nearly every president in American history, President Obama has redecorated the Oval Office. Gone are the Bush-era golds that many Americans considered gaudy. In their place are soft neutral tones. Many have described the new aesthetic as being den-like, and criticized the President for being disrespectful of the room where world leaders meet to discuss events. In looking at the pictures, however, the Oval Offices new togs are still very stately, even if they do tend to put visitors more at ease.

The new carpeting is the color of wheat and features a large medallion of the Presidential seal in the center. Quotes by Lincoln, JFK, Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., and FDR encompass the rug from all around the edge border. The result is a room size rug that is pointedly inspirational and puts the office of the American president at the heart of the ideals that are presented in the quotes.

This is no vintage rug. Gone are the darker colors of other Presidents antique rugs. The new room size rug in the Oval Office was designed specifically to honor President Obamas vision for the country. It was produced by Scott Group in Grand Rapids Michigan. The field of wheat carpeting set the precedent for all of the new dcor to be made in America by American countries. This policy reinforces the White Houses dedication to creating work for Americans.

The wallpaper was handmade in Amagansett, N.Y. Even the paint is an American brandBenjamin Moore. The modern styled coffee table is made of mica and American walnut wood. The new couches, which offer a softer aesthetic and more comfortable seating than world leaders previously enjoyed in the Oval Office, feature beige backgrounds with red, white, and blue threads running through the fabric. The upholstery for the couches was woven in Pennsylvania and the couches were made in New York.

Also adorning the room are blue ceramic lamps with cream shades, and a large bowl of fresh fruit on the coffee table is regularly replenished. Being a world leader is hungry work and having fresh fruit readily available is a great way for the President to eat healthily on the go. It is also a nod to the First Ladys commitment to creating a culture of health and encouraging children to eat properly.

The iconic Resolute Desk is still in place in front of the windows, where it has been for decades. The chairs are now covered in soft brown leather. While many have criticized the makeover for overly relaxed in aesthetic, it is actually a room that works to put people at ease. The comfortable seating options encourage world leaders to sit back and consider things more slowly. The quiet, muted colors prevent the dcor from interrupting thought processes. Who says international business has to be uncomfortable? Perhaps an Oval Office that puts leaders at ease will make conversations flow more easily and lead to a more unified planet. 


Apple Ping

09-21-2010  |  By: Richard |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Apple Computers has issued press releases for some upgrades to some of their technology and a couple of new products.  Some people like to purchase the newest technological toys as soon as they hit the market.  Other folks like to wait a bit for the technology to stabilize before purchase.

Theres a new version of Apples iTunes.  For music fans, iTunes and the iPod have been a nice addition to their electronics.  iTunes allows the user to download individual songs, mostly for $.99 each (shades of the cost of the old 45s for those old enough to understand the reference).  iTunes also allows the user to play CDs and import the songs to the hard drive of Macintosh or PC machines, where they can be synced up with the owners iPod.

iTunes also allows access to many different styles of music through various online radio streaming covering most every genre of music.  It even allows the user to rent movies and TV shows and watch them on Macs or PCs.

Now the look of technology offers a bit of a contrast to traditionalists who might prefer things more along the lines of antique Persian rugs but the two are not incompatible.  The antique Persian rugs can help to soften the sound of the electronics.  The vintage rugs, some with muted colors, others with bright, vibrant colors can contrast to the lines and colors of the iPod or Macintosh.  The iPods often seem to come in pastels and the contrast with the natural shadings of the antique rugs can be the contrast of nature versus machine.

But not everyone who purchases iPods and iTunes wants to shop from the latest Ikea catalog.  There are many technology lovers who prefer to live amongst antiques but still like to have access to the latest technological widgets.  They want to kick back in the antique leather easy chair, with their feet resting on the antique Persian rug but want to watch their state of the art television set up on the antique sideboard while they have the music playing on their Macintosh laptop.  They see the mix of the old and new as almost a political statement.  They can take what they want from the new technology of today while still living with the comforts that years ago would have been available only to those of the upper class.  The technological tools and toys of today are far superior to those of even ten years ago and those of ten years from now will be superior to todays.

But the comforts of the antiques will still be there in one hundred years, just as they were one hundred years ago.

Chilean Miners Still Trapped

09-13-2010  |  By: Richard |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Thirty-three miners were trapped in a mine in Chile.  They were found alive after seventeen days when a rescue effort managed to break through with a small probe to an area where the miners had managed to escape to.  That was the good news.  The bad news is that the actual rescue may take up to four months.  And the miners will have to lose enough weight to get their waist lines down to thirty-three to thirty-five inches.

Chilean authorities have contacted the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for assistance in helping the miners in psychological coping for this extended period.  They are being provided with various nutritional substances, after having lived on emergency rations of two spoons of tuna, a sip of milk, a bite of cracker and a peach morsel until the initial contact with them was made.  They have three holes, one for supplies, one for communications, and one for air.

The magnitude and length of this rescue effort is the largest and lengthiest in history.  In 2009, there were three miners trapped in a flooded mine in Southern China who were rescued after twenty-five days.  These miners may well be rescued after five times of that.

Now these miners are not luxuriating in any splendor, lying about on antique Persian rugs.  The area they are trapped in is roughly two kilometers in size.  The rescue authorities are mapping out areas for walking and exercising, resting, working, and diversions.  The miners are being encouraged to exercise and to even have fun.  They are being encouraged to document the experience for their families and loved ones as well as other forms of entertainment.  They are not being told the length of time it will take before the rescue is complete and everyone communicating with them is being asked to keep the four month period a secret.  All the miners know is that it will be a long time.

When the rescue is complete and these thirty-three men are back on the surface, their ordeal will still not be complete.  They will most likely suffer ongoing psychological problems from the ordeal of being trapped below ground for months.  They will need counseling and most likely new forms of employment.  After all, how many individuals would be willing to return underground after having spent four to five months below ground in the darkness?

They may well get the opportunity to sell their stories and receive enough money to retire.  Then they can get that antique Persian Rug and lie around on it for the rest of their lives.  Probably in a nice, wide open spot piece of land.


Help Pakistan and Decorate at the Same Time

09-06-2010  |  By: Reba |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Pakistan has been suffering with horrible flooding. Food and clothing are greatly needed but they don't only need aid money. After the initial disaster relief is provided rebuilding their vintage rug industry is vital. Keeping industry and exporting goods can help any economy and a part of the economy built on skilled labor especially skills outside a traditional education can allow those workers to get back to work and feeling productive. Crops may have washed away, but their hands can still work and earn a living while the rest of the economy gets back on its feet.

In areas where Islam has great influence and prevents many women from working outside the home supporting a job that can be done at home is a great boon. Those women can earn money and gain influence in their society. Pakistan's rug industry is young, only dating back to the close of World War II, but it still produces rugs and the entire area needs the real economic help that can only come through trade for skilled work. Food aid is great when disasters like the recent flooding occur, but even more useful is trade partners that allow workers to see what can come to them when they are part of the global economy.

Trade brings information back and forth. Even isolated persons have to get supplies like wool, cotton, and silk. Those supplies come from people who pass on news with the supplies. They bring back positive feedback and a sales receipt from around the world. The weaver can express their feelings through the craft as well. They can send a piece of themselves off into the world and with it goes their hope and prayers. Devastation will have occurred, but each rug can represent a new beginning, a new piece of beauty in the world.

Many rugs out of Pakistan would just start receiving the status of an antique rug, but as their work expands and receives recognition the newer art can be funded. The connection Persian rugs still provide allows those in Iran and Iraq to hold some sense of pride about history. Modern politics are a blip to a national identity that dates back to the before the time of Christ. Reminding folks who are going through natural disasters that this too shall pass can be done by focusing on old crafts that have only gotten better with time.

Antique rugs have proven that traditional crafts have no care of the decade. Good craftsmanship is good craftsmanship and will, with luck, last for a great long time to yet to come.