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No more crime

12-27-2010  |  By: Margarete |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

FBI reports that violent crime dropped by 6.2% in the first semester of 2010, with a 7.1% drop in homicide, and even robberies were down by 10.7%.

They say the way the year starts has a great impact throughout the whole year and they hope it will be the same in 2011, or even a bigger drop.

Even though we are going through difficult economic periods, it is great to know that at least crime is going down, they cannot explain the main reason for such, but they claim that it could be the increase of law enforcement, or even the fact that people are getting older and more responsible.

According to FBI reports, they see a better improvement in the South, where their statistics show a drop of 12% in homicide, there were great drops in the West and the Midwest as well, but not so much in the Northeast, where the numbers show an increase of 5.7%.

You might have more reasons to enjoy the outdoors, and it is great to know that your indoor is secure and your fine rugs will be there when you return home, so you can enjoy your family and friends for an afternoon tea or even a Christmas delight.

Whatever your reasons may be, a fine rug in your living room will definitely lift up the spirit of your house, lighting up the ambiance and providing beauty and comfort you desire.

In 2011 do not let your spirit drop, lift up your house with a tapestry that will open the door to a great beginning.


Do you prefer natural or synthetic rugs?

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Do you prefer natural or synthetic rugs?

Rug materials will define its durability, comfort and most importantly the look of your rug, choosing the right material will ensure its heirloom. You can go natural, choosing from animal or plant fiber, bamboo, cotton, jute or even seagrass all made with natural materials or you can go synthetic, using acrylic, nylon, polypropylene or even rayon or viscose, you name it.

Somehow wool seems to be widely chosen by many people around the globe, most wool comes from alpaca, goats, llamas and sheep, it is considered a very resilient material with great durability when compared to synthetic ones. Wool is easily dyed, it resists stains, water and even fire, a lot of people with allergies prefer rugs made of wool, they say it is very resistant against dust mites, which is one of the main causes of allergies.

Once you decide on the best material for your rug, it is important to maintain your rug so you can extend its life and keep its original appearance for longer. There are several tips on how to keep your rug in good shape, you can rotate it, it is recommended to rotate your rug at least once a year, this should help the rug to wear evenly, avoid sunlight if you can, it causes the rug patterns to fade, you can vacuum it as well, you should never fold your rug, try to roll it and always put on top of your furniture, do not place anything heavy on top of it, it will damage its fibers. Depending on how much you spent on your rug, you should consider hiring some experts to do the job, this way they will not only maintain your rug, but also repair it whenever necessary.

Rugs have been used since the very early days of mankind and it shall continue to generations to come, so you should always consider a professional when cleaning your rug, and keeping it in good shape.

They can decorate your house and give the warmth we all need on a chilly night, some rugs provide more than that, they are considered one of the most valuable possession and its maintenance is a great concern for these families.


Does your carpet have some blood stains?

12-22-2010  |  By: McLandeler |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Does your carpet have some blood stains?

Well, maybe after watching the Fighter your rug will also have some specs of blood on it, even though critics gave the movie a B and says that it can surely lands some punches still far from delivering a knockout.

When you put together Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale you will surely see some action, the Fighter is based on a true story, Dickie (Bale) plays a welterweight on the opposite side of the tracks and is consider a pride of the working class Massachusetts, and his half-brother Micky (Wahlberg) follows his foot-step. Dickie began his nightmare after losing a fight for Sugar Ray Leonard, he starts his addiction with crack, violence and crime. His family is devastated and Micky tries to save his family from despair by winning fights. His brother ends up training him.

Despite his working-class clan, Micky is the only sane guy trying to make better, while his mother is always trying to scam cash and his older brother is a crack-addicted he keeps on going.

The ends is a bit sad, they try to pull a version of Rocky, as his family expects him to win the final fight, while Micky uses all his strategies of winning fights, even a rope-a-dope that he must have learned from Dickie, who copied from the Italian Stallion.

Mark says that he had to go through intense training for this picture and it was not an easy task, he didn't want a stunt and took real punches that almost broke his nose, it took him nearly four years of intensive training to achieve the physique to play Micky and Bale had to lose weight to play his character, he has done it before back in 2003 he lost 63 pounds to play The Machinist so it is no surprise that Bale could do it again.

Either you want to have some specs of imaginary blood on your rug or not, it should be interesting to see Mark  Wahlberg and Christian Bale working together.


Are you ready to go skiing on the West?

12-20-2010  |  By: Margarete |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Are you ready to go skiing on the West?

While many people on the East coast are stranded on the roads due to bad snow fall, people on the West coast are taking advantage of many feet of snow by going skiing and snowboarding on the mountains.

Many innovative programs have been introduced by resorts despite their economical situation and many millions of dollars were spent to improve their resorts facilities.

Mammoth Mountain offers a large variety of winter activities, you can choose from, skiing and riding, cross country skiing, snowmobiles, snowcat tours, scenic gondola, which offers the highest lift service in California, they can take you up to 11,053 feet high, and on a clear day you can see 400 miles in all directions, they have their own ski and snowboard team and their race department can give you all the tips you need to be safe and have a wonderful time there.

Mammoth Mountain has seven parks, 3 pipes, the unbound terrain parks there are considered California's favorite, sunniest, biggest, snowiest playground of a mountain, it has been among the top ten parks in the US for over eight years in a row, with 90 acres of terrain, the park is one of the first things you see when you get to Mammoth Mountain.

Lake Tahoe is another good choice, right now they claim they have perfect weather conditions for skiing and it looks more like mid-January then December, they say they had about 10 feet of snow just a few days before thanksgiving, making this November the snowiest in decades.

And choices do not stop here, you can check the Alpine Meadows, Northstar-at-Tahoe, Squaw Valley USA, Homewood Mountain Resort and many others to name it.

As hard as it seems to leave your comfortable bedroom, and your feet wondering what could give you more comfort than your warm rug, take advantage of the weather conditions and enjoy a weekend way, skiing in one of the most beautiful mountains in the USA.


Looking for the latest rug designs in the world?

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Looking for the latest rug designs in the world?

You dont have to participate in the Home Textile exhibition to find the finest and latest design rug in the world, you can save time and money relying on experts to do the job for you.

While such experts will go all the way to the fairgrounds-Syria to attend the first exhibition in the field of carpets and rugs, you can rest assure they will find the latest designs and modern rugs for you.

Arabian Group for Exhibitions and conferences believe that this conference will have strong presence of most major local businesses operating in this sector, some of the companies expected to be there are: Ulaby Tex, Almkusi, Safe Linen, Carpet Sidon, Al-Alskmani company, the world of carpets, around 92 foreign brands and major local Arabic companies will take place in one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the Middle East, it will be a fierce competition among 14 countries.

The industrial minister from Syria says that in order for them to compete in the foreign market, they must find the uniqueness of the carpet world and keep their rugs to the highest level, he also believes that Persian and Turkish carpet companies participation is vital as well as companies from Syria and the gulf, emphasizing the importance to meet the needs of households around the world by delivering a wide variety of high quality rugs and carpets for different tastes and classes.

While you might consider going there to experience the world of rugs, there is not need in doing so, experts from Woven accents will take the trip for you and bring the best variety combine with the greatest designs from all over the world to your door.

Woven accents understand that your home is not complete without the elegance a fine rug can give to it, not to mention the warmth it will bring to your home.


Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

12-16-2010  |  By: Margarete |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

In case you are dreaming of a white Christmas, dream no more, your wishes might come true soon. Some will get much more snow than what they had wished for, especially if you are on the Eastern side of United States.

While some folks are experiencing a bit of a heat wave in California lately with a few days as warm as a summer day, people on the East side might be freezing to death with a bitter cold weather with two or more feet of snow in some parts of New York and Pennsylvania.

The National Weather service says that this bad weather will continue on the East side and even on the Northwest as well, where another blinding lake effect snow is expected soon. A large number of motorist were stranded last Sunday and Monday  when they had more than two feet of snow.

Meteorologist Jennifer Delgado from CNN predicts more freezing bitter weather soon, according to her the Eastern United States will be covered with cold arctic air by Tuesday this week and even Florida temperature will range from 5 to 23 degrees.

The so called lake effect snow happens when moisture is picked up by cold air passing over warm lake waters, this water freezes and becomes snow.

Although the storm is on its way to Canada, the National Weather Service expects parts of upstate New York to have this lake effect snow with about another two feet of snow by Wednesday.

Despite the fact that many want a white Christmas, nobody wants to face the problems that a bitter cold weather brings along, and freezing rains that can coat roads and power lines.

Luckily most people can enjoy the freezing cold weather from their warm houses, where they have a cozy living room with a fine rug so they can provide shelter for their friends keeping them warm where they can appreciate a beautiful white Christmas from indoors.


Iranian foreign minister is removed by their president

12-15-2010  |  By: Margarete |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Iranian foreign minister is removed by their president

With no apparent reason, foreign minister of Iran has been removed while he was in Africa. A letter sent by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thanked Mottaki for all his service but he doesn't state any reasons for doing so.

Conservatives there wanted him out for more than two years and UN imposed his dismissal since last June. They all claim that this move will help President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with their external affairs where the former Foreign Minister was challenging the President.

In the interim the Iranian president has appointed Ali Akbar Salehi the head of Foreign Ministry, who is also the current nuclear chief and the Supreme National Security Council Secretary.

The nation's nuclear program is also monitored by Salehi, who is in charge for the International Atomic Energy Agency there, Iranians claim that it is a peaceful program, but the rest of the world express their concern about them producing nuclear weapons there.

Salehi went to the American University of Beirut and received a doctorate in technical sciences in the US, he was also a chancellor and an associate professor of Sharif University of Technology.

Mohammad Ghanadi Maraghei is likely to take his place as nuclear chief once he is the current head of the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute there.

While Manouchehr Mottaki must be extremely disappointed, he must be glad that nobody is going to his house to remove his Iranian finest rug collection.


Well-known rug designers and their collections

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Well-known rug designers and their collections

Well-known rug designers and their collections

Gypsy / Maturin by Kathleen Clements is truly a unique work of art, either made of textured hemp out of plush mohair or hand embroidery vintage Turkish Kilim, each rug has an exquisite design and it is a unique blend of European and American antiques.

Clements' portfolio has been featured in many magazines, such as: Southern Accents, Food & Wine Magazine, House Beautiful, Design Times, Metropolitan Home and Elle Dcor. Her work can be seen in different projects around the country: Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu,  Manhattan, Sewickley and Fox Chapel, PA, Lexington, KY, Chicago, Southhampton and Barbados to name a few.

Emma Gardner was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to Connecticut at an early age, then at the age of eleven moved to New York City. She won an award for JOY, a colorful rug with flowers, vines and butterflies, with a Chinese cut-out effect.

Before becoming a successful rug designer, she had a career as an illustrator and editor, she has appeared in leading fashion and design magazines, and her showrooms are available through 21 U.S. markets and Toronto.

New Moon designs by John Kurtz, are hand-crafted rugs from Nepal without any child labor used, they are made from 100% Chinese Silk and Tibetan Wool, a large variety from antique to traditional rugs, contemporary and modern to oriental and transitional designs. They produce fine rugs and promote a positive environmental framework.

All of these designers and many others such as: Asha Carpets, Retro Shag, Zoe Luyendijk Studio, Sahar Gabbeh, Florence Broadhurst can be found at Wooven accents.

Woven accents carries large collections of the finest rugs in the world.


Persian rugs versus the world

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Persian rugs versus the world

Persian rugs are well-known and have been respected throughout the world for decades, it has been a dream of many to have one in their homes.

It is no surprise when you think of a fine rug, Persian is the name that comes to your mind.  To understand why Persian rugs are so well known and respected throughout the world, you will have to go back in time.  It all started in the ancient Persia and until today their carpet-weaving is an essential part of Persian culture and art. 

Even though many countries try to duplicate their style by copying their rugs and using machines to make them, Iran keeps their reputation at high standards by producing the finest Persian rugs in the world, Iran also has made the biggest carpet in history, measuring 60,546 square feet.

You can find three groups of Persian carpets: Farsh, rugs larger than 6 x 4 feet, Kilim, rough carpet with different color strands, and Qlicheh, rugs smaller than 6 x 4 feet.

Iran's has around 1.2 million weavers making hand-woven rugs for domestic and international market, with more than 100 countries in their portfolio, it is their main non-oil item export. In 2008 they exported a total of $420 million in carpets, around 30% of the international market and they expect to reach $500 million by 2011.

This number might change though, since the US decided to ban imports from Iran back in September 2010, Iran's carpet industry might lose 20% of its revenue. In the same month carped dealers raised 10 times their imports so they could stock up as much as they could. If this continue for very long we might see an increase of price on Persian rug in the US.

Artwork, books, newspapers and magazines are the only imports from Iran not banned yet.

In case you don't have a Persian rug yet, this is the right time to buy one.


The most expensive rug in the world

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The most expensive rug in the world

How much would you pay for a rug? Back in 2008 a Persian rug was sold for $4.5 million, it is a record selling price amount for a rug so far, over $700 per square inch. it is about four to five hundred years old and it may be silk. With such an exorbitant amount of money wouldn't you agree that it should really tie your living room together?  Well, one buyer believes so.

This Persian rug is from the 16th or 17th century  and it was previously owned by Doris Duke, she was a tobacco heiress and had purchased it back in 1990, before passing away she left it to the Newport Restoration Foundation.

This record may soon be beaten by the storied Pearl Carpet of Baroda, this finest rug is very similar to the one that decorates the Taj Mahal, it is from the 18th century.  This rug has three stunning rosettas made of diamonds, silvered gold, and it is embossed with gold set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

This rug was intended to grace the tomb of the prophet Mohammed, instead of that, the Maharaja's family decided to keep it under their possession.

If you haven't been to Doha, Qatar, this is your chance to purchase the unique and most expensive rug in the would, it is expected to be sold at about $14.5 million at the Sotheby's auction.

One might wonder the secret of keeping an antique rug preserved and what kind or maintenance it requires, we can start by 

cleaning our shoes before stepping in such an expensive rug as these ones.

You do not have to spend this high amount of money on a rug, nowadays you can find fine rugs and tapestries for a reasonable amount of money, and you don't have to travel around the world to find it either, such rugs can be found in your neighborhood.

You can truly lift up the spirit of your house with a fine rug.


Who is your favorite movie star?

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Who is your favorite movie star?

Back again with Larry King Al Pacino shows why he is a real legend and one of the most revered actors in history.

Al Pacino (Alfredo james Pacino - birth name), also known as Sonny, has become a legend, he is considered one of the greatest actors of the film history. Although he was born in the Bronx, New York, he considers himself a real Italian, he says " I am mostly Sicilian, and I have a little of Neapolitan in me".

His dedication, commitment to acting and his screen dominance has made him on of the true movie legends in the world, highly respected among film buffs and aspiring directors and actors.

His mother moved back to his grandparents' house after divorcing his father when Al was still very young, there his favorite activity was to replay some characters he had seen in the movies and their voices. His early interest in school plays made him cope with his boredom at school.

It is hard to believe that such a legend started off as a stand-up comic, and struggled a long period with depression and poverty, he even had to borrow money to pay bus fare to arrive at the auditions and still suffers from chronic insomnia.

He has a vasty number of prestigious movies such as Scarface, one of the most popular movies all over the world, The Godfather, Serpico, Scent of a Woman, Heat, The Devil's Advocate and many others to name.

Believe it or not, he was extremely shy, only after being thrust into the limelight he coped with his shyness, he used to smoke two pack of cigarettes a day, then decided to quit to protect his voice, now he occasionally smokes a herbal cigarette.

Back in 2002 he charged $10 million a picture and says he rather wait for someone to come up to him with a project then to direct his own picture. He doesn't like the fact that he is single, he says it is good to have someone in your life, he says he still hopes to find this person.

He never intended to become such a movie star, all he wanted was to be an actor and he hopes people see him as such.

Nowadays he cannot be bothered with trivial things, he tries to relax and enjoy his time in his beautiful New York home where he has a lot of exquisite tapestries and rugs from all over the world. He says, like Tony Montana would say "the world is yours" you just need perseverance, commitment and believe in yourself when nobody else out there does.


Is your house stuck in the past?

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Is your house stuck in the past?

I have this wonderful property in Malibu Beach, which I truly considered to be in perfect condition until Sunday.

This is my second house and I wanted to be part of a program I saw online called 3RD HOME, I thought it would be pretty cool to know where my second home would take me. I actually live in Santa Monica, near my office and only use Malibu house on the weekends or when I have visitors here, so I thought why not take advantage of it and have a third home anywhere in the world without having to actually buy one. 

So I decided to give them a call and ask them to come and pay me a visit, this way they could see the house and sign me up on their program.

For my astonishment they told me that the house was suitable for the program provided I replaced or serviced beautiful rugs.  I was petrified, I asked him do you know what these are? These are not any regular rugs you see around my friend, these are Traditional Chinese Rugs with classic motifs and unusual colors, can't you tell?

The gentleman said, yes Madam, they are indeed beautiful, but can't you tell they need some service? Haven't you heard of Rug conservation services? I told him, no, where can I find such a reliable service here or anywhere near my house? Then he handed my a card, this classy beautiful business card from Woven Accents, and he told me, there is no need to worry, our program have used their service for years and we can guarantee you their expert conservators are all hand-picked for their years of experience, unsurpassed skill, and great attention to detail. 

They have been responsible for restoring some of the world's finest antique rugs and tapestries. Their in-house workshop offers rug repair and rug conservation services ranging from mending slight moth damage to repairing more significant damage.

They are not only reliable but very affordable. Once they resuscitate your rugs, we can set you up in our program in no time.

I was speechless, okay, I must confess that I have always been terrified to touch my exquisite rugs, it is hard to believe that my Malibu beach home with two bedroom suites, with optional 3rd bedroom, three baths, dry sauna, with ocean and city light views, was not accepted because of the condition of my precious chinese rugs.

I will call Woven Accents right now and sort this out. Phone: 310-652-6520 - Toll Free: 800-222-RUGS


Did your blind date like your house?

12-06-2010  |  By: Marilyn |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Did your blind date like your house?

When considering going out with a total stranger, one should consider a bit of creativity as well, once you don't know the person, why not try a new hairstyle or a more daring outfit, something out of the ordinary, why not try a fake accent, or even a rich-and-famous lifestyle. Shouldn't you take advantage of the fact this is a unique opportunity to become the person you have always dreamed of, even if it is for a few hours.

We should not concentrate on the outcome of the date, if it works out fine, you can always make fun of the situation later on, and if it ends up being a disaster, oh well, better this way, he won't be able to track you down.

One gets so excited about the vast possibilities a new date can bring into their lives that they completely forget to plan step two.

Let's say you like the date, and you want to take it home, are you prepared? Did you make sure your house will impress the date as much as you did? Your house is part of you, I must admit that most women are like cats, they might love you, but the house comes first, comfort is their number one priority and your final touch will show a bit of your personality.

I know this lady who went out on a date with a fine gentleman, she was mostly impressed by him, the way he spoke, his background, his clothing, everything impressed her immensely. 

After an hour or so the date invited her to his house, she decided to take a chance, not that she was planning to jump into his bed or anything, he wanted to show her a movie he had made, she thought it would be quite interesting to watch and in a crazy split of a second she agreed.

Arriving there, she was absurdly impressed, she thought to herself, how nice, beautiful place, She thought about Romance, all sorts of thoughts came into her mind, wouldn't it be wonderful if this date turn out to be the one you will love forever? Perhaps the two of you will share the most romantic evening together and ended up not seeing each other ever again. Or maybe it will be just a few hours of a long lasting relationship. A new date has the potential of being whoever we need in our lives at that moment, you can even dream that this person will be the so long-sought partner.

All this wonderful thoughts were gone the minute he opened the door and she saw his house, his rugs were old, they were falling apart, it surely looked beautiful about a thousand years ago, they were screaming for a rug repair, they showed her the real picture, what the future might hold for her, all there, he just didn't care about the inside of his house, all the glamour the fake cover vanished in seconds.

I know it takes time to plan all the steps and we worry about the cover first then the inside, so that is why you can count on Woven Accents Rug conservation services to do the job for you.

Let us help you with the details, let us make the cover as special as the contents of your house, next time we will ensure you a happy ending blind date.

We have what you are looking for: Fine Antique Rugs, Vintage Rugs, Tribal, and Modern Carpets from The Antique Rug Dealer - Woven Accents, brand new ones or we can even offer you a rug repair services, and rug cleaning.


Royal wedding versus royal rug.

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Royal wedding versus royal rug.

Royal wedding versus royal rug.

When it comes to making wishes one can never forget the tale of Aladdin and his magical oil lamp.

At Woven accents you might not find the "Genie", "Jinni", and "Djinn" from the oil lamp, but we can assure you will find your magic rug there.  

One might wonder if  William and Kate will be flying on their magical rug soon, and how it will all come about.

David Cameron couldn't be happier, he expressed his happiness and said that his ministers had cheered and banged the cabinet table when the news of Prince William's engagement was announced.

Oh well, with so many grim news dominating their headlines lately, you name it: rising unemployment, falling house prices, strikes, government cuts, the best way to distract the public would be with such a royal news.

People now are distracted worrying about the wedding breakfast, who will be invited, who sits where, which of Kate's relatives will be brushed-off, to give you an idea of how big of a deal this is, most newspapers now come with an extra supplement of as many as 80 pages of photographs, charting the new royal couples life.

Either a prince or not, you too deserve a glamours day at our magnificent store, at Woven Accents we offer exclusive representation agreements with leading contemporary rug designers and manufacturers (Carini Lang, Zo Luyendijk Studio, Emma Gardner Design, to name a few.).  A modern redesign of the space enlivened the gallery and offers more artistic displays of Woven Accents pieces.  

 Call Us To Schedule A Private Presentation  310-652-6520 or 800-222-RUGS