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Old Rugs in New Homes

11-26-2011  |  By: Sam Moradzadeh |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Old Rugs in New Homes
Antique and old rugs look great just about anywhere, from a trendy New York City loft apartment to a rural home in Oklahoma to a classic Spanish-style home in Los Angeles. The truly wonderful thing about antique rugs that many people do not realize is that the styles and origins are very, very versatile. There is no one set aesthetic for rugs, because they come from all around the world and all through different time periods. You can find an old rug from Mexican regions to go with your desert and chaparral themed home in New Mexico, or you can find an old Andalusian rug for your Euro-classy suburban place in Chicago.
So whatever the situation, there is an antique rug for you. Don't be turned off even if you have an ultra modern, super chic home with a lot of smooth surfaces, glass, and metal. A home like that may not seem like it would really be the most amenable to any kind of old-school furnishings, but you may find yourself quite surprised. Some old rugs actually have a roundabout, weird sense of modernity to them, especially ones with very simple patterns, or blocky, geometric designs.
Of course, if you decide you want a specifically modern rug, designed and created in the last decade or so, you can do that as well! There are always a lot of very fashion-forward, art neavou style available on the market. In addition, there is definitely such a thing as "retro modern", which is a style that used to be modern for, say, the 70's or the 80's or something, which to our 2010's eye, looks rather dated, but in a cool, funky, neo-futuristic way. Like how Star Trek was made in the sixties but set in the twenty-second century, and has a retro-cool futuristic look to it. You can pick something like this for almost any living room. If you can pull it off with enough flair and confidence, people who have an eye for style will usually just go with it.
So don't think that you need an old home to get yourself some old furnishings. Mixing and matching is the spice of life, and homeowners are a lot more free to make decisions like that than they think.

Vintage Rugs for an Autumn Look

11-24-2011  |  By: Woven Accents |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Vintage Rugs for an Autumn Look

    Autumn is a time for history, and nothing says history quite as well as a good vintage rug. Its one thing for a rug to be done in the style of yesteryears, or to be a mockup of an ancient archetype. But it is a whole new, and beautiful ballgame for a rug to actually be vintage: from decades or centuries past, and of high quality.

    The word vintage itself implies production: the word is derived from the vintage of a fine wine. Its use to describe objects of art and fashion therefore has its roots in quality.

    So if you get yourself a nice vintage rug in fall colors for this season of change and remembrance, youll be gracing your home or living room with the presence of history, and quality. Bring the warm browns and reds into your home, embrace the parchment-beige tones of a vintage look, the wine-reds and the slight imperfections of an item created in a time and world away. Celebrate the passage of time.
There is something about autumn that calls to mind the passage of time. As leaves turn colors, then turn brown, and are blown off of trees, we notice that each day they look different, and each day marches towards winter. As the temperature drops and the sun hides its face for longer periods of the day, we are reminded of the turning of the years. We are inspired to think of history, of our own mortality, of the circuitousness of human generations. Time is so very, so tragically, so beautifully short, autumn tells us.

When November rolls around, we begin to turn our focus towards not only the passage of our own lives, but the lives of those who came before us, and back and back and back.


How to Get the Best Deal on a Large Antique Rug

11-21-2011  |  By: Sam Wise |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
How to Get the Best Deal on a Large Antique Rug

            A true antique rug is not just a style of rug- it requires a level of authenticity and history that newer rugs just dont have. Not that there is anything wrong with a fashionable, modern rug. But if you happen to truly want your home to reflect and antique aesthetic, buying a rug that simple looks antique, instead of actually being an antique, is a little self-defeating.

            But lets say you own a very large living room, or bedroom, or hallway that needs a rug. Or maybe youd actually like to fill an entire wall in your home with a beautifully spun, storytelling antique rug from a culture long and far away.

            What do you do? Well, you have to get your hands on a large antique rug, of course. But thats much easier said than done. While getting an antique rug is not impossible, and getting large rugs is a fairly simple process, combining these two features makes for one difficult endeavor indeed. Especially if you then compound the issue with an attempt at finding a somewhat affordable one. How might one go about accomplishing such a difficult and subtle task?

            First of all, it pays to be informed. Know exactly what it is that you have decided youre looking for, check prices all around town instead of just one or two places, look online for information and prices for the type of item that you want. After that, you have to drive a hard bargain. Do not be too compliant, because a shrewd dealer may see that and decide to take advantage of a weakness like that. Make sure you not only know all about what you want, but that you also come off as authoritative, so that the people you are dealing with will take you as seriously as you want them to.

            That said, its also very important to be polite and somewhat friendly. Driving a hard bargain does not mean you have to be a rude, self-entitled customer. Sound reasonable.

            The last tip is to make sure you keep in mind what it is youre paying for. A very large, quality, antique rug is going to cost no matter what. But youve decided that you want to invest in such a priceless work of art. Have pride in that.



History of Persian Rug Holidays

11-03-2011  |  By: Erica |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Halloween is not a traditional holiday but one can still find rugs that celebrate it