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The Design of Distress: Distressed Textiles in Fashion and Interior Design

03-18-2012  |  By: Sam Moradzadeh |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
The Design of Distress: Distressed Textiles in Fashion and Interior Design

Distressed textiles are more than a trend in both the interior design and fashion worlds. Faded, seasoned, worn and soft; distressed fabrics are not rookies to either scene and they wont be disappearing anytime soon. At the recent New York Fall Fashion Week 2012, we saw distressed fabrics throughout the major collections. From haute-couture designer John Roche with his distressed woolen skirt to the mass produced distressed cardigans made for Urban Outfitters, the look of adding life and experience to textiles has eluded the trapping of trends and has become a reliable design technique.

With fashion and interior design influencing and overlapping each other, its not surprising to find that the distressed look has become its own serious contender in home decor. One of the greatest values of distressed textiles is in their versatility particularly with distressed rugs. Antique rugs are often associated with classic and traditional design but a distressed rug can fit into traditional design as easily as it can complete a room in a minimalist or modern home.

The secret to distressed fabrics, specifically to rugs, is that the process of aging actually enhances both the colors and textures, creating a new sense of vibrancy. The different color shades of a rug will begin to branch out and compliment the surrounding tones, the brushed softness will bring a natural warmth to the fabric and the form of the rug will settle perfectly to the particulars of its floor.

There are two ways to get the distressed look in a rug. The most obvious way is to buy an antique rug that has been distressed organically through decades of handling, sun exposure, and daily life. Antique rugs have an impressive lifespan. We carry antique distressed rugs that are over 120 years old and continue to age elegantly.

The other way to distress a rug is to transform a vintage rug by accelerating the aging process. This is done through a cycle of dying and washing. Colors blend, textures soften, and an infusion of depth is the end result. One of the advantages of using this distressing process is the level of control that is available. Fabricated distressing gives the rugmaker and eventually the client the ability to choose whether they want to just kickstart the aging process or add on 30 years to their rug.

We have a collection of over 4,500 hand-selected rugs which feature both antique distressed rugs as well as over-dyed distressed rugs. Browse through our portfolio for more details and images of our collection: antique distressed rugs and over-dyed distressed rugs.