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07-12-2010By: Nicole

Antique rugs are similar to most other antiques in that they are old.  They would most likely have to have been well-made old rugs, in fact.  Unlike other antiques though, antique rugs would tend to have seen a bit more use than maybe an antique dresser or table or chairs. Unlike the antique tables, chairs, dressers, and such, the antique rugs most likely got walked on.  A lot.  It may even have been used such that it could have had treatment similar to having a World Cup match played on it over the years.


Antique rugs, no matter where placed in the home, would have been the recipient of all sorts of dirt being tracked in.  The type of antique rugs most folks are probably familiar with would be the Persian rug.  These would have been hand-woven old rugs designed to stand up to the abuse of life.


Maybe the antique rugs were allowed to become old rugs because they were used as a wall tapestry.  Maybe the old rugs were allowed to become antique rugs by virtue of being stored in the attic (or warehouse or closet).  But however it happened, the old rugs were allowed to became old and thus, antique.


Antique rugs are not like that shag carpet the cheap developer installed over the sub floor in order to save a few bucks on the houses in the thrown together subdivision.  The antique rugs most likely would not be reaching the status of old rugs if they’d been installed like that.  If someone were to go back in time to meet the rug weaver, the weaver would probably be astounded that the handiwork they’d labored over could be considered so very valuable just because it’s old.


As antique rugs, the rugs would not have been subject to chemical cleaning as so many rugs are today.  The owner or a family member probably took the rug off the floor or dirt, hung it over a wire or rope and took a stick and beat it to “clean” it.  In fact, that would be the genesis of the phrase “rug-beater.”  It’s doubtful that most folks actually think about the household staff that were responsible for their now antique rugs back in the days before it became an old rugs available to be called antique.  They just enjoy that they have an old rug that is old enough to be identified as an antique rug.  Antique rugs can’t talk or sing or tell the tales of history.  


But wouldn’t that be a tale worth hearing?

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