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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

12-16-2010By: Margarete
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

In case you are dreaming of a white Christmas, dream no more, your wishes might come true soon. Some will get much more snow than what they had wished for, especially if you are on the Eastern side of United States.

While some folks are experiencing a bit of a heat wave in California lately with a few days as warm as a summer day, people on the East side might be freezing to death with a bitter cold weather with two or more feet of snow in some parts of New York and Pennsylvania.

The National Weather service says that this bad weather will continue on the East side and even on the Northwest as well, where another blinding lake effect snow is expected soon. A large number of motorist were stranded last Sunday and Monday  when they had more than two feet of snow.

Meteorologist Jennifer Delgado from CNN predicts more freezing bitter weather soon, according to her the Eastern United States will be covered with cold arctic air by Tuesday this week and even Florida temperature will range from 5 to 23 degrees.

The so called lake effect snow happens when moisture is picked up by cold air passing over warm lake waters, this water freezes and becomes snow.

Although the storm is on its way to Canada, the National Weather Service expects parts of upstate New York to have this lake effect snow with about another two feet of snow by Wednesday.

Despite the fact that many want a white Christmas, nobody wants to face the problems that a bitter cold weather brings along, and freezing rains that can coat roads and power lines.

Luckily most people can enjoy the freezing cold weather from their warm houses, where they have a cozy living room with a fine rug so they can provide shelter for their friends keeping them warm where they can appreciate a beautiful white Christmas from indoors.

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