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How to Get the Best Deal on a Large Antique Rug

11-21-2011By: Sam Wise
How to Get the Best Deal on a Large Antique Rug

            A true antique rug is not just a style of rug- it requires a level of authenticity and history that newer rugs just don’t have. Not that there is anything wrong with a fashionable, modern rug. But if you happen to truly want your home to reflect and antique aesthetic, buying a rug that simple looks antique, instead of actually being an antique, is a little self-defeating.

            But let’s say you own a very large living room, or bedroom, or hallway that needs a rug. Or maybe you’d actually like to fill an entire wall in your home with a beautifully spun, storytelling antique rug from a culture long and far away.

            What do you do? Well, you have to get your hands on a large antique rug, of course. But that’s much easier said than done. While getting an antique rug is not impossible, and getting large rugs is a fairly simple process, combining these two features makes for one difficult endeavor indeed. Especially if you then compound the issue with an attempt at finding a somewhat affordable one. How might one go about accomplishing such a difficult and subtle task?

            First of all, it pays to be informed. Know exactly what it is that you have decided you’re looking for, check prices all around town instead of just one or two places, look online for information and prices for the type of item that you want. After that, you have to drive a hard bargain. Do not be too compliant, because a shrewd dealer may see that and decide to take advantage of a weakness like that. Make sure you not only know all about what you want, but that you also come off as authoritative, so that the people you are dealing with will take you as seriously as you want them to.

            That said, it’s also very important to be polite and somewhat friendly. Driving a hard bargain does not mean you have to be a rude, self-entitled customer. Sound reasonable.

            The last tip is to make sure you keep in mind what it is you’re paying for. A very large, quality, antique rug is going to cost no matter what. But you’ve decided that you want to invest in such a priceless work of art. Have pride in that.


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