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Does your carpet have some blood stains?

12-22-2010By: McLandeler
Does your carpet have some blood stains?

Well, maybe after watching the Fighter your rug will also have some specs of blood on it, even though critics gave the movie a B and says that it can surely lands some punches still far from delivering a knockout.

When you put together Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale you will surely see some action, the Fighter is based on a true story, Dickie (Bale) plays a welterweight on the opposite side of the tracks and is consider a pride of the working class Massachusetts, and his half-brother Micky (Wahlberg) follows his foot-step. Dickie began his nightmare after losing a fight for Sugar Ray Leonard, he starts his addiction with crack, violence and crime. His family is devastated and Micky tries to save his family from despair by winning fights. His brother ends up training him.

Despite his working-class clan, Micky is the only sane guy trying to make better, while his mother is always trying to scam cash and his older brother is a crack-addicted he keeps on going.

The ends is a bit sad, they try to pull a version of Rocky, as his family expects him to win the final fight, while Micky uses all his strategies of winning fights, even a rope-a-dope that he must have learned from Dickie, who copied from the Italian Stallion.

Mark says that he had to go through intense training for this picture and it was not an easy task, he didn't want a stunt and took real punches that almost broke his nose, it took him nearly four years of intensive training to achieve the physique to play Micky and Bale had to lose weight to play his character, he has done it before back in 2003 he lost 63 pounds to play The Machinist so it is no surprise that Bale could do it again.

Either you want to have some specs of imaginary blood on your rug or not, it should be interesting to see Mark  Wahlberg and Christian Bale working together.

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