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Iranian foreign minister is removed by their president

12-15-2010By: Margarete
Iranian foreign minister is removed by their president

With no apparent reason, foreign minister of Iran has been removed while he was in Africa. A letter sent by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thanked Mottaki for all his service but he doesn't state any reasons for doing so.

Conservatives there wanted him out for more than two years and UN imposed his dismissal since last June. They all claim that this move will help President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with their external affairs where the former Foreign Minister was challenging the President.

In the interim the Iranian president has appointed Ali Akbar Salehi the head of Foreign Ministry, who is also the current nuclear chief and the Supreme National Security Council Secretary.

The nation's nuclear program is also monitored by Salehi, who is in charge for the International Atomic Energy Agency there, Iranians claim that it is a peaceful program, but the rest of the world express their concern about them producing nuclear weapons there.

Salehi went to the American University of Beirut and received a doctorate in technical sciences in the US, he was also a chancellor and an associate professor of Sharif University of Technology.

Mohammad Ghanadi Maraghei is likely to take his place as nuclear chief once he is the current head of the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute there.

While Manouchehr Mottaki must be extremely disappointed, he must be glad that nobody is going to his house to remove his Iranian finest rug collection.

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