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Looking for the latest rug designs in the world?

12-17-2010By: McLandeler
Looking for the latest rug designs in the world?

You don’t have to participate in the “Home Textile” exhibition to find the finest and latest design rug in the world, you can save time and money relying on experts to do the job for you.

While such experts will go all the way to the fairgrounds-Syria to attend the first exhibition in the field of carpets and rugs, you can rest assure they will find the latest designs and modern rugs for you.

Arabian Group for Exhibitions and conferences believe that this conference will have strong presence of most major local businesses operating in this sector, some of the companies expected to be there are: Ulaby Tex, Almkusi, Safe Linen, Carpet Sidon, Al-Alskmani company, the world of carpets, around 92 foreign brands and major local Arabic companies will take place in one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the Middle East, it will be a fierce competition among 14 countries.

The industrial minister from Syria says that in order for them to compete in the foreign market, they must find the uniqueness of the carpet world and keep their rugs to the highest level, he also believes that Persian and Turkish carpet companies participation is vital as well as companies from Syria and the gulf, emphasizing the importance to meet the needs of households around the world by delivering a wide variety of high quality rugs and carpets for different tastes and classes.

While you might consider going there to experience the world of rugs, there is not need in doing so, experts from Woven accents will take the trip for you and bring the best variety combine with the greatest designs from all over the world to your door.

Woven accents understand that your home is not complete without the elegance a fine rug can give to it, not to mention the warmth it will bring to your home.

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