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Spain Wins World Cup

08-02-2010By: Richard

Espana Gana!  Reglas de Espana, la Copa del Mundo!


Spain Wins!  Spain Rules the World Cup!


Yes Spain has won the World Cup soccer tournament for the first time ever.  Spain is also the champion with the fewest ever goals scored for the tournament and lowest average score for a champion.  Spain is the first country to lose their first match of a World Cup and go ahead and win the tournament and is the first European team to win the World Cup outside of Europe.


All in all a job well done by the pre-tournament co-favorites.


Now what?  Some countries promise the team members jobs for life for winning the World Cup.  There were some rather interesting promises made to both fans and players of other countries if their team were to have won, but alas, it is unknown if any of those promises really would have been upheld.  As it is, the Spaniards will share $30 million for their winning efforts.


But what other rewards are available for the winners?  Besides the cash reward for winning, what other rewards will be available?  There are the previously mentioned jobs for life (and national celebrity) that some countries may promise, there are physical items that may be rewards for winning. 


Spain is one of the older European countries yet it has managed to avoid at least some of the destruction visited on countries like France and Germany through fighting the world wars so there are likely to be more antiques surviving into the 21st century.  Especially with the Moorish influences, there are quite likely various Moorish pieces of furniture and antique rugs, especially antique Persian rugs that are around that can be given to the team members to commemorate the win. 


Imagine the pride of the families of the players knowing that the vintage rug adorning the floor in the formal dining area is a reward for the sacrifices that they made in support of their family member’s pursuit of soccer immortality and knowing they’ve received the reward to be enjoyed by all the family and the future generations of the family.  If the Spanish members of the World Cup Champions team were given prizes such as antique Persian Rugs, the family itself benefits and can look with pride on the rug, knowing they helped to contribute to the success enjoyed by the entire country.


Today and for the next four years, Spain is the capital of the world of soccer.  Is it possible that the United States will ever achieve the World Cup Championship?  Yes it is.  Is it probable?  No it is not. 


So enjoy being the top Espana!  Enjoy.

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