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Vintage Rugs for an Autumn Look

11-24-2011By: Woven Accents
Vintage Rugs for an Autumn Look

    Autumn is a time for history, and nothing says history quite as well as a good vintage rug. It’s one thing for a rug to be done in the style of yesteryears, or to be a mockup of an ancient archetype. But it is a whole new, and beautiful ballgame for a rug to actually be vintage: from decades or centuries past, and of high quality.

    The word vintage itself implies production: the word is derived from the “vintage” of a fine wine. It’s use to describe objects of art and fashion therefore has it’s roots in quality.

    So if you get yourself a nice vintage rug in fall colors for this season of change and remembrance, you’ll be gracing your home or living room with the presence of history, and quality. Bring the warm browns and reds into your home, embrace the parchment-beige tones of a vintage look, the wine-reds and the slight imperfections of an item created in a time and world away. Celebrate the passage of time.
There is something about autumn that calls to mind the passage of time. As leaves turn colors, then turn brown, and are blown off of trees, we notice that each day they look different, and each day marches towards winter. As the temperature drops and the sun hides its face for longer periods of the day, we are reminded of the turning of the years. We are inspired to think of history, of our own mortality, of the circuitousness of human generations. Time is so very, so tragically, so beautifully short, autumn tells us.

When November rolls around, we begin to turn our focus towards not only the passage of our own lives, but the lives of those who came before us, and back and back and back.

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