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What Bachelor Style Will "The Bachelor Pad" Show?

08-10-2010By: Richard

There’s a new Reality TV show hitting the airwaves called “The Bachelor Pad.”  This show is hosted by a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader named Melissa Rycroft.  Shades of days gone by!


The bachelor pad has probably always been as much a myth as it has been a reality.  For every Hugh Hefner there have most likely been one hundred Joe Schmoes.  Some bachelor pads have been furnished with the latest contemporary furniture from Ikea and wall-to-wall shag carpeting.  Others have been furnished with Victorian era antiques including antique Persian rugs.  Yet others (and probably the most common aspect) are furnished with a mix of thrift store chic, hand-me-downs from family and boards and concrete blocks from the local lumberyard.


The television show probably will have the more contemporary look as that would fit the desire to keep things light and airy in appearance.  The contemporary look, with the light and airy appearance is probably looked at as more of the California look where the heavy, Victorian antique furniture and antique Persian rugs evokes more of an East coast, formal drawing room, gothic appearance.


To many folks, however, the Victorian look, complete with vintage rugs, evokes an era of responsibility and maturity.  It may sometimes appear stolid rather than sensible but it is that stolidity that suggests the stability and sense of purpose.  It says to many that “great things have happened here.”  There are reasons why many banks in small towns have always had this type of look to present as their public face.


But  the most common type of Bachelor Pad really reflects the reality that most bachelors are in their mid-twenties and just out of college.  If the bachelor is lucky, most of his furniture is in one piece (depending on how many parties he had when he was in college).  Pride of place might be a papa-san chair or futon.  There’s most likely a television, maybe a big screen hi-def to watch the NFL or NBA games.  Bachelors from thirty or forty years ago might have had the top of the line stereo equipment while today’s bachelor may lean more to the video game set-up.


However the Bachelor Pad television show sets things up, the risk will be the presentation.  If things are presented in too unrealistic a fashion, then the mockery will commence but if they go with too much realism, then it will probably not be interesting enough to gain the needed (and desired) ratings.


Contemporary furnishings, Victorian antiques, or college cast-offs, whatever path the producers choose, the hope is that people watch. Will you be tuning in?

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