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What is an Oushak Antique Rug?

06-21-2012By: Sam Moradzadeh
What is an Oushak Antique Rug?

If you are in the market for an antique rug or find your inspiration inside the pages of interior design magazines, you’ve probably come across the term Oushak rug. Oushak is a smaller classification in the broader category of Turkish rugs and garnered its namesake from the Turkish city of Oushak in the interior part of the Aegean Region. Popular for their beautifully intricate designs and impressive longevity, Oushak rugs first started appearing around the year 1300 at the start of the Ottoman Empire and are still one of the most prized antique rugs on the market today.

If you’re wondering how you can identify an Oushak rug, it’s all about the design pattern. Oushaks are striking in part because they are woven on a large scale.  With more space to work within, the patterns used in Oushak rugs are transformed into powerful orchestrations of complexity and color. The most telltale design feature of an Oushak antique rug is the central use of star and medallion motifs. Whether scattered throughout the central plane of the rug or used as the design centerpiece, these patterns are geometrically captivating and easily identifiable. As modern life began to develop, Oushak rugs were influenced by weavers and artists from other regions and as the decades progressed leaves, vines, or floral references worked their way into the primary design of newer Oushak rugs.

Oushak rugs are also valued for their exceptional texture. Silky, high quality wool is the foundation for these antique rugs. The knot structure of Oushak rugs is unique to the region where they began. The knot count is typically lower than most types of Turkish rugs while also being larger in size. It’s not uncommon to find an antique Oushak with less than 30 knots per square inch. This use of larger, looser knots gives these rugs a softer more malleable feel with a tendency to have a longer pile. 

Another detail that makes Oushak rugs so popular amongst interior designers, is the inviting  color palette often associated with them. Harnessing a hue of subtle and warm colors, Oushak rugs were often dyed in shades of gold, saffron, apricot, ivory, and light blues. The combination of these colors and lush textures allow these rugs to age gracefully adding a comforting softness to any room. 

At Woven Accents, we have a large collection of over 200 antique Oushak rugs. We also have a selection of Oushak Angora antique rugs with a remarkably delicate and supple texture.  From striking medallions surrounded by elegant autumn colors to ornate blossoms interwoven with classic Turkish patterns, our Oushak collection will infuse any space with an ineffable sense of classic beauty. Take a look through our online collectionor call us for more details about adding an antique Oushak rug to your design plans.
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