redefining authentic design one rug at a time

Contemporary Rugs

At Woven Accents, we are determined to offer our clients the highest quality hand-knotted rugs available anywhere.  All of our rugs are 100% hand made by highlyskilled artisans, employing age-old techniques and using thefinest natural materials. Our collection was born in tiny villages in Turkey, Nepal, Egypt, Iran and far flung corners of the world.  As the conservator of these lovely works, Woven Accents strives to continue to collect only the finest offerings and presentthem to our discerning clientele.


    Historically known for our collection of antique rugs lovingly collected from all over the world, Woven Accents is pleased to offer recreations of these antique works of art - from Oushak and Sultanabad to Chinese and European designs - for those who opt for a traditional look yet new production, which allows for customization of size and color.

    Our Boutique Modern Collection is made up of the highest quality artist-designed and artisanally crafted rugs - solid silks by Carini Lang, nature-inspired designs by Tania Johnson, graphic designs by Gypsy/Maturin, art-inspired pieces by 27 Ground, and more contemporary styles by Florence Broadhurst, New Moon, and Stile BK. 

    All of the rugs in our Vintage-Inspired Collection, including Moroccan- and Swedish-inspired rugs, pay tribute to the pieces that were created in the mid-20th century as expressions of experimentation, innovation, and creativity. Although new production, our vintage-inspired rugs feature similar, if not the same, abstract and minimalist patterns seen on vintage rugs, many of which were heavily influenced by the Modernist movement.

    While many of our contemporary rugs are decorative, featuring intricately detailed and bold, geometric patterns, we also offer an extensive variety of solid and textured rugs, from subdued Bamboo Silks to ombre Shags to vibrantly colored Gabbeh pieces. While less decorative in appearance, these rugs serve as a sophisticated option for the foundation of any room design. 

    Both Modern Kilims and Modern Afghan Kilims make up our Flatweave Collection. The word kilim is of Turkish origin and refers to a pileless textile handwoven by one of several flatweaving techniques, which involves interweaving variously colored warps and wefts. This practice is commonly used in parts of Turkey, North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia, and China. It is believed that the bold and patterned kilim motifs represent an intricate art of communication, with the symbols representing words or phrases that portray the weavers thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears. 

    Our Hide Collection includes both uniform pieces of hide treated to use for decorative purposes, as well as pieced-hide rugs, intricately crafted by thoughtfully stitching various pieces of hide together to give it a geometric yet refined look. 


    Designs by Kenny Scharf, Gregory Siff, Defer, This Means Mar, Alexandra Grant, Tanya Nolan, Alex K Mason, Jonas Bergkvist, Laura Hubacz, and Rodrigo Valles.