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Debra C.

by: Debra C.
"My husband and I are in love with our new (actually very old) rug from Woven Accents. Those who have seen it compliment it, and those who have yet to see it, I apologize. Your life will not be complete until you have. As important as the quality of our new antique rug was the excellent service I experienced when dealing with Woven Accents. I was helped out by Jeannene. A real dream to work with! Incredibly patient, has a great eye, very knowledgeable, and not at-all pushy. She even arranged for a "rug show" at our home so that we could see the pieces in the space. It doesn't get better than that. Phenomenal service aside, the selection of high-quality rugs at Woven Accents is dazzling. Antique, contemporary, distressed, etc... they have everything. I highly-recommend them, and will most-certainly be returning for more."

Jessica P

by: Jessica P
"This review is long overdue...We love Woven Accents!  My husband and I moved into our first home and found the rug selection process a bit daunting.  This was confirmed after a few visits to other rug shops.  It's like you're trying to find a needle in a haystack, but you have no idea what you even want in the first place!  At Woven Accents we were given the opportunity to explore different options based on our taste, color restrictions, general aesthetic.  Sam is awesome and was so on point, he matched gorgeous rugs to us with ease.  Giovanni delivered it and came back and did a rug pad for us when we felt we needed it. Really really great rug selection.  And amazing customer service. At the end of the day...both of these things will keep us coming back and referring friends!"

Woodson & Rummerfield

by: Ron Woodson
"We’ve worked with Woven Accents for close to ten years now and they have become our go to for amazing antique, show stopping, and cutting edge new rugs.  The staff is extremely  knowledgeable and accommodating.  It’s always a joy to be there for a design session. " 

Jeffrey Hitchcock

by: Jeffrey Hitchcock
"When I am looking for wonderfully unique and textured carpets, I always think of Woven Accents.  Their inventory is terrific and the sales staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  I have placed some great Vintage Moroccan rugs from Woven Accents in my client’s homes, and everyone involved has been very pleased."'

John Wooden Interiors

by: John Wooden
"Woven Accents has quickly become our rug dealer of choice for several reasons... is extremely helpful as it allows us to shop from our office and have the rugs ready to view when we arrive at the showroom.  Secondly, their inventory is quite unique amazing, whether we are looking for new, vintage or antique rugs.  And finally, Jeannene is a pleasure to work with and great with her follow up."

Katie Maine - Maine Design

by: Katie Maine - Maine Design
“Woven Accents’s is such an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is their quality and craftsmanship excellent, but their sales team’s attention to detail goes above and beyond our expectations time and time again. Working with some of the top interior designers in Los Angeles has helped Woven Accents to understand the needs of our firm and their enormous inventory enables them to have something for everyone.”

by: Carol Abbot

"Woven Accents have been a fantastic resource for the many years I have been in business!   It is always fun to go through their inventory of rugs and if they do not have what I’m looking for they are good at coming up with alternatives that never fail to work. The sales team is friendly, extremely helpful and never delay in getting photos and pricing together."